Rex Jaeschke
Computer Consultant
I can provide a number of consulting services, including the following:

  • Representing a client's interests on an existing standard's committee.
  • Assisting in establishing a new standards committee and choosing a home for it.
  • Serving as a standard's committee officer (such as chair or secretary).
  • Establishing editing guidelines and a base document for a specification.
  • Acting as the project editor for a specification.
  • Assisting in choosing programming languages and platforms.
  • Determining appropriate programmer training.
  • Providing materials for evaluating programmer knowledge.
  • Developing custom training materials.
  • Producing technical manuals and quick reference guides.

Where appropriate, consulting services are available by telephone, videoconference, or email.

While I can design systems and write code, the best use of my time and your money is to have me teach your people skills that will make them more self-sufficient and productive.